Reputation Marketing: Why You Need It

Reputation Management

Ask many small businesses in Dallas whether they have a budget for online reputation management services and they will tell you that they don’t. They consider reputation management a thing that they have to deal with only when a problem arises. The truth is that this attitude has brought down many companies, big and small. The speed of communication afforded by the internet is not to be taken lightly. A review from a disgruntled customer can destroy a business in a matter of hours. That is why having an online reputation management service working for you at all times is a must. More prime examples of reputation marketing can be found @

Most Dallas search engine optimization companies also do reputation management. They are actively looking online to see the kind of traction that user reviews are creating for their clients’ businesses.

While many people think that reputation management is limited to getting ahead of negative comments it actually covers both negative and positive. The best Dallas reputation management services look for ways to generate and maximize positive reviews. These are the reviews that will appeal to new buyers and convince them to do business with you. Here are some of the things that you can expect from a good Dallas reputation management company:

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• They look for negative reviews and limit their reach as well as their effects. They also keep a wide reach. Your reputation goes beyond the reviews that people leave on Facebook and Google. Users can leave comments that will hurt your business on yelp, Better Business Bureau and other websites that have wide followings. It is the job of the reputation management service that you hire to look at all these sites and ensure that negative comments are taken care of.

• They have to find ways of generating reviews that are useful from new users. The best reviews don’t just happen. Someone is behind the campaign to ensure that users feel inclined to write something positive about the business. The reputation management has to find a way to make good reviews happen.

• They are also supposed to get rid of old reviews and replace them with new ones. A 5 year old comment, no matter how positive it was, is useless because users are looking for information on how your business is doing in the recent past. You can collate all the old comments and use them for marketing but on the relevant sites comments should be recent.

• A good Dallas reputation management service will advise you on how best to deal with complaints. Depending on your niche and what generated a negative review there are different ways to respond to customers. The first thing you want to do id apologize but beyond that you want the customer to know that you really value them and are willing to make amends. Do you refund them? Do you give them a free voucher? Do you send them a gift basket? All these are valid ways to respond to complaints but you have to choose the one that represents you best.

Lastly, there are some reputation services in Dallas that don’t do SEO. It is always better to choose one that does both – you will be killing 2 birds with one stone. In addition to that, you get an integrated strategy which always works best. If you use these tips to find online reputation management services in Dallas you will not be disappointed.